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SofasToLove is run by people with over 30 years experience, so they know a thing or two about sofas, how they are made, how you should feel when you lie down with your popcorn or hunker down up with a book. Whilst they are excellent sofa snugglers they also have a passion for quality and excellence in everything they do. The company philosophy is ‘use your experience to keep prices at a sensible level so everyone can enjoy a luxurious and environmentally conscious sofa, not just the rich and famous.’

Manufacturing process

The factory employs up to 200 skilled workers with decades of experience, ranging from dedicated sewing machinists to upholsterers who are personally handcrafting your sofa. Orders are manufactured for the customer, not for stock. Stringent quality tests at each step ensure your sofa is ready for endless relaxing.


Environmentally friendly fabric

UK law requires fabrics for upholstered furniture to be fire retardant but the nasties used to achieve this can be worrying. The majority of SofasToLove fabrics’ are environmentally friendly and use limited or no chemicals, or, cleaner alternatives, during their manufacturing process. Also, we offer some wool-based fabrics that are naturally resistant to fire, we should never have doubted that nature knew what she was doing. View our fabrics.

Seating range

Each sofa has a carefully selected seating style to suit the sofa design. Some have pocket sprung seats, which have the same spring technology used in a luxury pocket sprung mattress. Each spring is carefully encased in their own protective jacket, then joined together and wrapped in a super comfortable padded sleeve, so you get the same luxurious support every time you sit down.


Hardwood sustainable frames

At the heart of each SofasToLove sofa sits an accredited hardwood timber frame, which can be made from Beech or Birch. This frame carries a 5-year warranty, which assumes normal wear and tear; sorry, kids, no trampolining allowed.

Enhanced warranty

Fortunately, a sofa can’t recall all the family events it will see in it’s lifetime. Unfortunately, it can show every stain, every rip, every knock. SofasToLove offers a standard twelve month manufacturer’s warranty but we know you will want to keep yours for much longer, and may want to protect it. An enhanced 5 year warranty can be purchased that provides free repairs or replacements. Click here to find out more.

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SofasToLove come in all shapes and sizes from the tradition 3-seater, 2-seater and chair combinations through to modular pieces where you create your own beautiful, personalised collection. If you are after a sofabed with storage options, then we can also do that as well. Have a look through our model ranges and select a fabric to suit you.