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Not All Fabrics Are Made Equally


Our fabrics have been independently tested for their durability and suitability for everyday use.

In the end, they need to look and feel beautiful and retain their snuggle appeal. Take it from us this is not always an easy thing for a fabric to achieve.

After testing those that make the grade become a SofasToLove fabric which can be used to make your next sofa, so you don’t need to worry about how many times you lie down, sit up or roll around, giving you confidence that your sofas are built to last.

We offer free samples that can be posted to you so you can be sure that the fabric you choose is definitely the one you love.

Amara Luna

Plush Pile Super-soft Chenille GFR®

Soft handle chenille with a stunning look made from 100% polyester

Avalon Natural

Recycled Soft Sustainable Velvet GFR®

Soft handle velvet fabric made from 100% recycled polyester (rPET) with a sustainable GFR®  Fire Retardant back coating

Darwin Oyster

Subtle Herringbone Soft Chenille 

Lovely chenille herringbone pattern fabric made from 100% polyester with a standard Fire-retardant backing

Hampton Calico

Smart Tonal Brushed Twill

Beautiful soft, brushed twill design fabric made from 100% polyester with a standard Fire-retardant backing

Lyon Mink

Natural Look Textured Weave GFR®

2 tone Boucle design fabric made from 100% polyester with a soft handle and a sustainable GFR®  Fire Retardant back coating

Marlon Dreamy

Recycled Eco-friendly Plain Chenille GFR®

Soft handle fabric made 100% recycled polyester (rPET) with sustainable GFR®  Fire Retardant backcoating

Shetland Pebble

Tonal Natural Wool Blend 

Woolen-based multi-tonal natural look fabric which is soft to the touch. Having over 50% wool content this is the greenest yet as it is inherently Fire retardant – no FR chemicals at all for a hard-wearing durable fabric that lasts the tests of time

Palladium Beige

Soft Handle Velvet

Beautiful soft velvet fabric made from 100% polyester with a standard Fire-retardant backing and contrasting accent cushion. Exclusive to the Loxley range

What is GFR® ?

GreenFR® is a revolutionary flame-retardant brand, born out of years of extensive research and development that delivers a safe, effective flame-retardant coating that is used across many of our fabrics .

GFR® meets the requirement of ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) to wastewater and the environment and allows simplysofas to yet further committed to protecting the world we live in.

It is a tried and tested solution offering a more sustainable, environmentally friendly flame retardant coating

Specifically, the GFR® fabrics are non-chlorinated, Non-Carcinogenic and non-disrupting of the reproductive system.

As well as this, these fabrics are free from Halogen, Heavy metals, Bromine, Antimony, Organophosphate, Fluorocarbon and Bio-accumulative Chemicals.

GreenFR® is endorsed by OEKO-TEX®, and its green credentials have been accredited with STANDARD 100 – Class 1 and ECO PASSPORT

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SofasToLove come in all shapes and sizes from the tradition 3-seater, 2-seater and chair combinations through to modular pieces where you create your own beautiful, personalised collection. If you are after a sofabed with storage options, then we can also do that as well. Have a look through our model ranges and select a fabric to suit you.